LeakSmart Launches Pro Site Dedicated to Trade

LeakSmart is introducing LeakSmartPro.com, a new site to provide plumbers, HVAC installers, builders and custom integrators everything they need to sell and install a LeakSmart system. With the site, LeakSmart aims to help professionals grow their smart home business with helpful tips, installation videos, helpful articles on smart home trends, as well as provide a forum for discussion and troubleshooting related topics. And, when a professional has signed up to become a LeakSmart Pro and has completed the training courses, LeakSmart will direct installation leads directly to their business.

LeakSmart is a smart leak, flood and burst pipe detection system that can detect leaks, turn off a home’s water main and alert a homeowner via text in less than five seconds. The system includes two valve control options—a cut-in and snap-on version, which can be installed without tools cutting water pipes—and the Hub 3.0 with battery backup that ensures theLeakSmart system will continue to protect the home even if the power or Wi-Fi is down.

LeakSmart is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Nest.