Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Introduces JP Model 115 Volt Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US introduces two MSZ/MUZ-JP Model 115 Volt Heat Pumps. Part of the METUS M-Series product lineup, each 115 Volt Heat Pump system utilizes one breaker spot in an electrical panel versus the typical two breaker spots. A single-zone system, the MSZ-JP model indoor unit and corresponding MUZ-JP model outdoor unit are ideal for residential and light commercial applications, such as hotels and restaurants. Available in 9 and 12 kBtu/hr capacities, the system has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 17.0, a heating season performance factor of 9.3-11.00 and an energy efficiency ratio of 9.9-12.0.

The outdoor unit heat exchanger has been treated with Blue Fin anti-corrosion treatment to slow corrosion caused by airborne salt and sulfur in coastal and high sulfur areas.

Additional features of the JP model 115 Volt Heat Pump include:

  • Quiet operation: as low as 22 dB(A) for the indoor unit
  • Low-ambient heating down to -4 F
  • Wireless enabled (optional feature) with the ability to pair with kumo cloud software and other thermostats when using the Thermostat Interface
  • Washable air filters and anti-allergy enzyme filter mechanisms
  • ECONO COOL mode delivers air at higher setpoint but in a swing motion, so it feels cooler which provides optimum comfort with energy savings
  • 12-hour timer which allows for one on/off cycle during a 12-hour period

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