Rheem Gladiator Electric Water Heater Proves Smart, Powerful + Easy-to-Install

Rheem’s newest smart home product, the Gladiator, is a water heater that provides the Power to Know, the Power to Control and the Power to Protect.

  • The Power to Know with integrated WiFi and the EcoNet App: Homeowners avoid cold showers and being without hot water, and know when their water heater needs service.
  • The Power to Control with built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi technology. Allows you to manage hot water, track energy usage and set modes like vacation mode from your mobile device.
  • The Power to Protect will detect potential leaks with the 360 degree LeakSense Leak Detection system. LeakGuard Auto Shutoff Valve engages in the unlikely event a leak is detected; its self-cleaning feature prolongs tank life and maintains the water heater’s efficiency.

With the same dimensions as most of the standard electric water heaters, the Rheem Gladiator is easy to install. It also includes a factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve, ¾-inch water connections and one-button startup.

The Gladiator is easy to maintain with simple diagnostics and repairs. View detailed alerts and alarm codes with the Rheem Contractor App. It has a Valve Quick-Release—if the actuator communication goes bad between the control and valve, you can replace it without touching the plumbing. If needed, the leak sensor replacement is easy: simply open the bottom element cover and snake the new leak sensor down the tube.

Rheem provides a 12-year limited tank and parts warranty plus a 3-year in-house labor warranty. For more info, visit Rheem Gladiator.