IAPMO Introduces Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop

IAPMO Training and Education announces the new Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop—a fun, hands-on course that teaches the effective uses of four basic plumbing systems, why/where/when to use each, how to apply code compliant configurations to design and installation and actual assembly of each system using scaled 3D-printed drainage pattern fittings.

The eight-hour course, developed and instructed by Steve Hart, senior plumbing plans examiner with Public Health – Seattle and King County, is delivered in three parts repeated for each plumbing system addressed:

  • Part One: Attendees learn/review the code requirements for one of the plumbing systems — horizontal wet vent, circuit vent, vertical wet vent or combination waste and vent
  • Part Two: Separate into groups of five and apply this knowledge to assemble the particular plumbing system using 3D-printed fittings, focusing on best-engineered practices for mitigating health and safety risk and achieving code compliance
  • Part Three: Discussion and debrief, repeat for next system

The Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop seeks to facilitate cooperation between building officials/building inspectors, apprentice/journeyperson plumbers and design professionals to enhance public health and safety.

Three upcoming workshops will be presented at the Simpson Strong-Tie Training Center in Kent, Washington, on Sept. 11, Oct. 5 and Dec. 4. The cost is $250 ($225 for IAPMO members). A video demonstrating the workshop may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8O77jA_0z6M&feature=youtu.be.

For more information or to enroll in an upcoming workshop, visit www.bit.ly/iapmo-psi-signup.