LeakSmart Launches Advanced Flow Monitoring System

LeakSmart introduces Protect by LeakSmart with Flow, a new flow monitoring system. Protect by LeakSmart with Flow provides advanced water flow analytics and monitors and controls the home’s water activity — from in-wall to appliance leaks — detecting water leaks instantly, shutting off a home’s main water supply and sending alerts via smartphone in less than five seconds.

Installers can provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing Protect by LeakSmart offers all-in-one water flow analytics and leak detection.

The system provides daily, weekly and monthly water usage statistics via the LeakSmart app that can be leveraged by homeowners to become more water efficient while also ensuring the home is protected against damaging leaks.

Available in ¾- and 1-inch kits, Protect by LeakSmart with Flow is sold as part of a system that includes LeakSmart’s Hub 3.0 and three LeakSmart Sensors. Sensors detect leaks from appliances or any area prone to leaks, sending a signal to the hub to shut off the main water supply while also alerting the homeowner. Protect by LeakSmart with Flow also detects burst pipes, appliance leaks or potential in-wall leaks based on the increase in the water flow against the homeowner’s set daily usage limit, sending an alert to shut off the water when it is close to the limit.

Once a LeakSmart System is professionally installed, installers and homeowners are protected with LeakSmart’s industry-leading, five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Learn more at LeakSmartPro.com.