Nortek Air Handlers Achieve HVAC Top Hurricane Rating from Miami-Dade County

Nortek Air Solutions’ Integrated Thermal Break Frame and Welded Frame hurricane-rated air handlers receive notice of acceptance issued by Miami-Dade County, Florida, and its high-velocity hurricane zone building codes.

An NOA certification includes tests for air infiltration, uniform static pressure, water resistance, cyclic wind pressure loading and large missile impact. These tests apply to all parts of an air handler’s infrastructure, such as unit base, floors, framework, access doors, handles and hinges, latches, cabinet panels and other components susceptible to damage high wind events.

NAS builds its ITF and WF-2 air handlers with heavy gauge metal exterior panels and interior liners, and a structural integral or welded framework with a fully welded structural unit base. All units are voluntarily tested at NAS’ in-house factory test laboratory for performance, strength and durability.

NOA 19-0227.05 and 17.1219.01 for the ITF and the WF-2 air handlers expire in 2024 and 2023, respectively. For more information, visit