FläktGroup SEMCO Announces New Wheel Cassette Options

FläktGroup SEMCO has expanded its drop-in replacement unitary wheel cassette offerings. First, the company has added two new wheel diameters—78 and 84 inch—to its UWC line, now called the SEMCO Classic. The expanded line features wheels with diameters ranging from 25 to 84 inches, ideal for building applications needing 300 to approximately 17,000 cfm.

In addition, FläktGroup SEMCO has launched a new series—the SEMCO Cross Cassette—which makes the wheel performance available to a new set of customers who require alternative cartridge dimensions to fit their units. This line is offered in two depths, 4 and 6 inches, and features diameters ranging from 25 to 108 inches. The new line is ideal for building applications needing 300 to approximately 32,000 cfm. Both the SEMCO Classic and the SEMCO Cross Cassette lines can be used as replacement cartridges and in new units.

Both lines feature a fast-acting, corrosion-resistant, proprietary desiccant with a sturdy, but lightweight all-aluminum wheel substrate. Both are easy to install. The 52-inch or larger wheels are lighter and easier to handle than the same-size polymer wheels made by competitors. All are fully assembled and packaged as plug-and-play cassettes that include an industrial-duty gear motor, corrosion-resistant rotor and industrial-grade link drive belt. These wheels boast long-life expectancy and require little maintenance, saving owners time and money.