New Pinnacle II Features Supplemental DX Integrated Circuit

Semco’s Pinnacle Series combines the strengths of passive total energy recovery, conventional cooling technology and a new class of desiccant product – the passive dehumidification wheel – to supply perfect ventilation.

The Pinnacle Series is comprised of a supply fan, exhaust fan, total energy recovery wheel, coils, passive dehumidification wheel and a new addition to the series: the Pinnacle II, which features an integrated DX coil loop with a variable speed compressor.

The Pinnacle II expands the Pinnacle Series dehumidification capabilities and optimizes temperature control. The total energy wheel featured in the series is used to precondition fresh air using the exhausted building air. The coils and passive dehumidification wheel then work in concert to further treat this fresh air to produce room temperature air at a much-reduced humidity level.

The key to this system is the passive dehumidification wheel. It is optimized to remove moisture from a saturated air stream, without an active regeneration source.

The Pinnacle Series responds to various combinations of temperature and humidity by modulating the passive dehumidification wheel and the cooling coil. It then provides a constant stream of optimally conditioned ventilation air while exhausting the building’s stale, polluted air. It does so in an efficient manner, providing substantial operating savings by eliminating the need for traditional over-cooling and reheat systems. Equally important, by optimizing the condition of the building’s supply air, the Pinnacle Series reduces the demand for overall heating and cooling capacity. That can mean substantial savings in installation costs.

The Pinnacle Series manages 100% of a building’s humidity, temperature and ventilation in a single package. For more information, visit