Nortek Celebrates Completion of 1st StatePoint Liquid Cooling System

Nortek Air Solutions recently celebrated the completion of its first manufactured StatePoint Liquid Cooling system. SPLC technology was co-developed through a partnership with Facebook, Menlo Park, California.

NAS and Facebook began developing the SPLC technology in 2015. NAS recently modernized and retooled the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma plant with a $15-million investment to manufacture SPLC systems.

The key to the SPLC’s patented design is a microporous membrane exchanger that is hydrophobic and highly resilient to scale formation. Evaporation through the membrane creates a liquid-to-air heat exchanger that cools water without cross-contamination between the water and air streams. The resulting chilled water can supply a variety of cooling distribution methodologies including fan coil walls, CRAH, hot aisle enclosures, rear door heat exchangers, chip cooling and cold plates.

The SPLC will further position NAS as a dominant manufacturer in data center cooling technology, which also includes ServerCool liquid cooling products, such as rear door heat exchangers and coolant distribution units.

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