Nu-Calgon Launches New pH-Treat Condensate Neutralizers

Nu-Calgon has launched a new lineup of pH-Treat condensate neutralizers for the HVAC industry. Previously available in only a disposable package, the pH-Treat line has been expanded to include refillable cartridge and tank models.

With the popularity of fuel-fired, high-efficiency furnaces in certain regions, international/national plumbing codes dictate corrosive condensate must be treated before it goes into the drain. That’s where pH-Treat comes in. pH-Treat neutralizes acidic condensate so it does not damage drains, sewer systems or concrete. The devices also aid with maintaining a safe environment for bacteria in septic systems.

The new pH-Treat lineup includes refillable cartridge types that can save the end user money over the service life of the furnace. These cartridges also offer the flexibility of being installed vertically or horizontally – with greater neutralizing capacity.

Another new addition to the pH-Treat lineup is a combination neutralizer/pump for when condensate needs to be neutralized and then pumped to another location. And, Nu-Calgon now offers a pH-Treat neutralizing tank for commercial applications that require more capacity.

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