JB Solutions Unveils Enhanced Humidicycle System

JB Solutions, Inc. has rolled out an enhanced version of its Humidicycle system, a device that conserved 40,000 gallons of potential wastewater in 15 homes over the 2018/2019 winter in New England.

Its patented system recycles the water typically wasted by flowthrough-style home humidifiers (typically 16 ounces every 64 seconds of operation). The standard Humidicycle system uses JB Solutions’ HVACIV biocide injection system to inject a cleaning agent into the recycled water to maintain its pristine condition. The HVACIV does double duty on most installations by treating the AC pan, drain and pump with the same biocide, keeping the system healthy and protecting homes and businesses from damaging floods due to clogged condensate waste systems.

The new configuration offers the Humidicycle system with a weekly/biweekly tablet that is dissolved in the tank reservoir, depending on water quality conditions, accomplishing the same function as the HVACIV through homeowner participation. This reduced cost will help get more Humidicycle systems into homes and increase the substantial water conservation numbers.

The Humidicycle system has met great success over the first three years of its use in Western New England. Dozens are in place and tens of thousands of gallons of drinking water have been saved from waste. Implementing these systems on a wider scale can save millions of gallons of drinking water annually, reduce stress on septic and municipal sewer systems and conserve fuel dollars (a properly humidified home allows a homeowner to keep the thermostat a little lower).

For more information, visit www.humidicycle.com.