IAPMO Seeks Technical Subcommittee Members for Development of National Standards Z1154, Z1117

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is seeking volunteers, with technical background in plumbing and mechanical systems and specific knowledge of press connections and/or shower enclosures and shower/steam panels, to participate on a pair of Technical Subcommittees. Ideal candidates for the IAPMO Z1117 and IAPMO Z1154 TSCs would include jurisdictional authorities, testing lab and educational facility representatives, and manufacturing experts.

The scope of IAPMO Z1117 covers press connections made with copper or copper alloy fittings and Type K, L and M copper tube; carbon steel fittings and Schedule 10 and 40 carbon steel pipe; stainless steel fittings and Schedule 5, 10, and 40 stainless steel pipe.

The scope of IAPMO Z1154 covers shower/steam panels, enclosures for showers and tub/shower combinations, bathtubs and tub/shower combinations with glass pressure‐sealed doors and floor‐mounted showers intended for new and retrofit applications. Each TSC will review the contents of its applicable standard.

The Z1117 and Z1154 TSC members will assist the Plumbing Standards Committee with the development of new American National Standards and National Standards of Canada. The committees will also be responsible for the content and processing of public review comments and operate in accordance with IAPMO’s accredited procedures for standards development: IAPMO PP-1 (Policies and Procedures for Consensus Development of American National Standards) and IAPMO PP-2 (Policies and Procedures for Development of National Standards of Canada).

The deadline to apply to either/both committee(s) is March 13. Applications can be downloaded at: http://www.iapmo.org/media/5582/application-for-membership-iapmo-tsc-2019-01-31.pdf

Interested parties wishing to serve, please contact IAPMO Standards at standards@iapmostandards.org with a completed application, as well as a résumé by the March 13 deadline, or contact Kyle Thompson at 909-230-5534.