Hydra-Zorb Receives UL Certification for Titan Insulated Pipe Riser

Hydra-Zorb Company has received UL Certification 2043 for its Titan Insulated Pipe Riser.

The Titan Riser features a TPO plastic vapor-barrier sleeve molded to the support hardware. UL 2043 certification ensures the integrated unit addresses the concern for contribution to the smoke density or flame propagation during a fire based on ULs published and nationally recognized standards for safety.

Riser clamps are two metal fasteners bolted together to support a vertical insulated pipe as it runs from floor to floor. These clamps leave the pipe exposed at the point of attachment, leading to condensation and mold. The Titan’s integrated plastic sleeve provides a superior vapor barrier at the point of attachment, mitigating condensate and mold, while also keeping the pipe insulation ends safe from compressions and tears.

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