LeakSmart Takes Leak Detection to Next Level

LeakSmart introduces its SensXtend by LeakSmart Extension Kit with Water Sensor. This innovative extension kit combines the new SensXtend Dock, Rope Sensor and Extension Cable accessories with a LeakSmart Water Sensor to provide homeowners using LeakSmart systems with additional protection, customization and flexibility in detecting leaks in especially hard-to-reach areas of the home.

The SensXtend will extend protection to detect leaks in tight, difficult-to-navigate spots such as under refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines or water heaters. It comes with a variety of hardware that allows for creative placement options, increased signal strength and easier access for sensor battery changes.

Designed to cover more ground for optimum protection, the Rope Sensor detects water along its entire four-foot length. The patented SensXtend dock with Tri-Port design triples the coverage by allowing the connection of three separate rope sensor lines that, when combined, provide additional leak protection for up to 300 square feet. The rope sensor is made of a PVC material that can be wiped dry with a cloth and used again immediately for maximum coverage and less downtime.

For more info, visit leaksmart.com.