Victor Enhances Edge 2.0 Pressure/Flow Hybrid Regulator for HVACR Applications

Victor, an ESAB brand, has launched its improved EDGE 2.0 ESS32 PFH-580 pressure/flow hybrid regulator. The new design allows for significantly higher-flow performance during pressure testing, resulting in systems that pressurize much faster and improve productivity. Designed for three common HVAC applications — brazing, purging and pressure testing — the EDGE 2.0 PFH-580 combines flow and pressure regulation functions in a single device.

Traditionally, a regulator would either be a flow regulation device or a pressure delivery regulation device. To create a wide range of adjustability, Victor designed the newly patented dual-stage gas flow orifice. The first stage orifice enables lower-flow rates. When the flow rate applies sufficient backpressure, it pushes open the first-stage orifice poppet, which then allows gas flow to bypass the smaller first-stage orifice and flow through a larger, second-stage orifice at higher-flow rates and pressures.

The new design adds a flow bypass to the dual-stage mechanism, which opens once the regulator enters the pressure test range. As a result, flow in the second-generation design offers an approximately 500-1,000% increase in flow over the original design (depending on test pressure).

The EDGE 2.0 PFH-580 regulator provides adjustability between:

  1. 3-6 CFH for using nitrogen as a backing gas when brazing
  2. 20-50 CFH for nitrogen purge applications
  3. 200-800 psi to conduct pressure tests

For added clarity, the EDGE 2.0 PFH-580 regulator features a large-diameter delivery gauge and uses a high-contrast, color-coded gauge face with labels for braze, purge and pressure test settings. The cylinder pressure gauge is smaller and offset to create a difference in depth perception. Even from a distance, operators can tell if they have sufficient cylinder contents and if delivery pressure is within safe and acceptable ranges.

Like all EDGE 2.0 regulators, the PFH-580 features a sloping gauge guard, a modular gauge and provides safer operation through three primary design functions:

  • Patented SLAM (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) technology built into the adjusting knob, permitting the knob to absorb the impact in the event of a cylinder fall
  • Compact, patented-design styling that integrates the gauge into the regulator body for superior safety and protection
  • Incorporating a patented particle trap so the regulator could pass ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test

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