AVRON 46 Coating Kills 95% of Microbial Activity on Contact

There is an increased awareness about the quality and health of the air we breathe. Concerns about bacteria and viruses in the air are prevalent in our critical facilities. FläktGroup SEMCO offers many solutions that improve the quality of indoor air, including the AVRON 46 coating, which kills 95% of microbial activity on contact and can be used on panels, plenums and ductwork.

Preventing the growth and spread of mold and bacteria, AVRON 46 is ideal for critical health applications such as hospitals, nursing facilities and schools. This coating can be applied in the field to existing casings and plenums. It can also be requested on orders of FläktGroup SEMCO panels, plenums and ducts. The AVRON 46 antimicrobial coating’s affordability makes it the most practical anti-microbial solution for any HVAC air duct system, in any environment.

The AVRON 46 coating was tested in the Georgia State University Department of Biology Environmental Research Center and was proven effective at killing 95% of microbial activity. This series of tests were done using a resistant form of bacterial culture pseudomonas aeruginosa. The coating was also tested to see how effective it would be over time. The tests revealed that the coating did not lose effectiveness after being subjected to harsh conditions.