Nu-Calgon Launches New Line of Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

Nu-Calgon has launched the EcoPure line of hydrocarbon eco-friendly refrigerants, along with a charging assembly that simplifies their use in the field. EcoPure R-290 propane and R-600a isobutane refrigerants meet AHRI 700 Standard (99.5% pure), and they have zero ozone depletion and very low-global warming potential. The purity of these refrigerants prevents unwanted problems from occurring within refrigeration systems.

Non-odorized EcoPure refrigerants include a re-sealable valve on the canister, allowing contents to be used to completion. Some competing refrigerants on the market use a piercing valve-type setup, which forces the contractor to use the entire can once it is opened; plus, it invites an added hazard with use of a flammable refrigerant.

The EcoPure Charging Assembly securely holds the refrigerant in an inverted position to precisely meter liquid refrigerant to gram-weight accuracy. There’s no need to use a cumbersome manifold gauge set for charging while trying to weigh the refrigerant amount. The charging assembly prevents less refrigerant loss and is the simplest, most reliable and accurate approach for charging liquid into the refrigeration system.

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