LG Launches Commercial VRF Rebate Tool

LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA has expanded its online residential LG Rebate Center tool to now include commercial HVAC products.

Custom-designed for LG products, the tool enables residential and commercial customers alike to search for local and national rebates and incentives related to the purchase of LG residential, light commercial and commercial HVAC systems.

Representing 7.6% of commercial building energy consumption, commercial space cooling is among the most prioritized areas for energy-efficiency programs, according to Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Inc. To encourage business owners, building managers, architects and contractors to choose energy-efficient systems, LG delivers simple and convenient access to rebate offers directly through the LG website. Users can search for rebates and incentives related to product purchases in a one-stop shop manner, by simply entering their zip code.

The program was created in collaboration with EcoRebates, a provider of incentive and rebate tools for energy-efficient products and green home solutions. VRF is now added to the general categories of boilers, water heaters and heat pumps that include both residential and commercial offerings.

The comprehensive database tool includes offers from utilities, state and local governments and federal programs, as well as promotions sponsored by retailers and brands. Coverage of LG products for commercial applications span 750 commercial programs in 42 different states across the country, with VRF technology programs potentially eligible for up to thousands of dollars in rebate savings.

For more information, visit lghvac.com.