Mission-Critical Computer Room AHU Delivers Efficient Cooling Performance, Scalability 

Johnson Controls recently unveiled the YORK Mission Critical Horizontal Computer Room Air Handler designed to meet the unique cooling requirements of the world’s most demanding data centers. Offered in three standard capacities (105 kW, 210 kW and 315 kW rated at a 22 F delta air temperature) with higher capacities available through customization, the YORK MCH CRAH is engineered with high-performance in mind and can be configured to meet the specific needs of each application.

With data hall space at a premium, the YORK MCH CRAH was designed for minimal footprint. The horizontal airflow unit features a compact (54-inch/1372 mm) length to save on equipment gallery floor space thus returning useable space to the IT data hall. Units feature left or right-hand connections to minimize field piping, configurable chilled water coils and can be installed side by side with no gaps for optimal security, energy efficiency and space utilization for non-raised floor environments and facilities with heat-containment strategies.

The YORK MCH unit incorporates a Johnson Controls flagship controller platform ensuring seamless integration to Johnson Controls Metasys or a third-party controls solution with support for all standard industry protocols.

The MCH is designed for ease of use and serviceability. It has full-service access to fans, filters, electrical, coil and piping compartments on the gallery side, minimizing the need for service technicians to access the secure data hall. Multiple finish options are available for the supply air outlet ensuring the aesthetics of the data hall.

To learn more, visit https://www.york.com/Commercial-Equipment/Air-Systems/Air-Handling-Units.