Bernard A. Greenheck Education Center In-Person Classes Pivot to Online during Pandemic

In a typical year, Greenheck hosts hundreds of people from around the world at its Schofield, Wisconsin campus for the company’s HVAC University training programs. In 2020, COVID-19 quickly put a temporary halt to that. However, not even a pandemic could prevent Greenheck from providing industry training. “The need for quality, professional industry education remained,” said Ron Wendorski, director of the Bernard A. Greenheck Education Center. “Our team quickly shifted gears to reimagine our traditional, in-person HVAC University program and transition to a virtual offering.”

Greenheck revised 12 of its most popular classes for virtual learning. “We added high-definition video of our product demonstrations and product galleries to enhance the online classes,” Wendorski said. New software provided a stable platform to ensure consistent delivery of industry live, online classes.

During July through August, of the 12 classes offered, 2,274 attendees took part in an average of four classes each and were issued 6,099 personal development hour certificates.

Virtual HVAC University classes will continue through the end of the year, with in-person classes scheduled to return in 2021. The classes are open to contractors, building owners and engineers, however space must be reserved through your local Greenheck representative. For more information, visit