Lennox Provides Program for Contractors to Improve IAQ

Lennox International is offering additional training that will provide contractors with the proper knowledge to help improve indoor air quality through their Building Better Air initiative.

The Building Better Air training program provides a structure to improve indoor air quality of commercial spaces through the Evaluate, Solve, Maintain framework. Contractors trained through the program will have key information to explain how HVAC systems impact IAQ and offer the right solutions for their clients.

In October, Lennox introduced the Building Better Air initiative, which helps facilities evaluate the state of their HVAC systems by using an IAQ survey and creates solutions tailored to the needs of the building. The training program is an additional step to further Lennox’s goal to create safe working environments for restaurants, movie theaters, schools, offices and similar facilities.

For more information about the Building Better Air, visit https://www.lennoxcommercial.com/buildingbetterair.