Report on Comments toward Development of 2020 WE•Stand Available to Download

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, developer of the American National Standard-designated Uniform Codes, has posted online the 2020 Report on Comments for the 2020 edition of the IAPMO/ANSI Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard (WE•Stand). The ROC is the technical committee report on the actions taken by the technical committee, accompanied by a ballot statement and one or more comments resulting from public review of the Report on Proposals.

Interested parties may download the document at:

The technical committee has approved new provisions for onsite black water and stormwater treatment systems, non-sewered sanitation systems, recirculating shower systems, temperature requirements for grease interceptors, a new appendix on composting toilets and a urine diversion inspection checklist.

WE•Stand draws upon IAPMO’s core competency and industry expertise in plumbing systems for the purpose of providing comprehensive requirements to optimize water use practices attributed to the built environment while maintaining protection of the public’s health, safety and welfare.

IAPMO employs a consensus development process accredited by the American National Standards Institute, gathering the largest assembly of plumbing and mechanical experts in the world at its annual education and business conference and technical committee meetings, enabling anyone — members and non-members alike — to have a voice on proposed changes to the code.

IAPMO urges its members and other interested parties to get involved in the code development process to ensure effectiveness in preserving the public health, safety and welfare through consensus development of codes and standards. Installers, plumbing and mechanical officials, the construction industry, engineers and manufacturers all benefit from a cooperative effort in their development.

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