Atlas Copco Debuts its 1st Process Chiller Range in U.S.

Atlas Copco introduces its first process cooling chiller range in the U.S. The launch of the TCX 4-90A Process Cooling Chiller range fits perfectly with the company’s ethos of going further and deeper into core categories to better serve its customers.

The TCX range features a compact, all-in-one water chiller with an air-cooled condenser and integrated hydro module, with units available in a variety of sizes. TCX chillers are specially designed for cooling water (or a mixture of water and glycol) for a wide range of industrial segments including food and beverage, machine cooling, medical, pharmaceutical, plastics and printing.

The design of the TCX range’s state-of-the-art microchannel condensers requires 30% less refrigerant, making the units more environmentally friendly while lowering potential maintenance charges over the life of the chiller.

The innovative and familiar Elektronikon Mk5 Touch controller featured in most models puts control at the user’s fingertips. Additionally, SMARTLINK 24/7 monitoring is available as part of the chiller’s total package. The TCX range can also be covered on a service contract, along with all other Atlas Copco mechanical equipment, such as air compressors, dryers, nitrogen generation systems and low-pressure blowers.

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