Greenheck Inline Fans Incorporate Mixed-Flow Wheel Technology

Greenheck direct drive square inline fans now incorporate mixed-flow wheel technology for a unique combination of high efficiency, low sound and ease of installation in a square housing design. AMCA certified for sound and air performance, mixed-flow model SQ is available in eight sizes, 16-33, with performance ranges up to 27,497 cfm and up to 3 in. wg. Model SQ is available with a single-phase or three-phase direct drive Vari-Green motor up to 10 horsepower for improved energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The SQ’s companion flange connection point allows the fan to easily slide in and out of ductwork and the use of totally enclosed style motors eliminates the need for a motor cover, improving motor access. Greenheck SQ mixed-flow square inline fans are ideal for supply, exhaust, return or make-up air systems in indoor clean air applications where space is a prime consideration.

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