Rinnai Products Approved for Use with Hydrogen Gas Utilizing A Greener Energy Source

Creating a healthier way of living is Rinnai’s brand promise, and there’s no better way to uphold it then to invest in research and improvements resulting in cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Rinnai, whose previous product inventory leveraged industry norms like propane or natural gas, tested the use of hydrogen-enriched natural gas across its tankless water heaters, boilers and direct-vent wall furnaces. This low-carbon energy source – a combination of natural gas with hydrogen – decreases carbon intensity and improves combustion in end-use products. After thorough research and testing, Rinnai’s products have been approved for use with HENG and depending on the product can use up to 30% hydrogen. End users benefit by preserving fuel, improving the products cost efficiency and most importantly, reducing carbon dioxide emissions to better the environment.

The demand for clean energy has been on the up and on for quite some time and the importance to customers continues to rise. With those user preferences in mind, HENG makes it possible to lower the carbon intensity of natural gas, delivering a cost competitive solution for protecting the environment.

For decades, hydrogen has been considered as an alternative energy carrier. According to the paper “Hydrogen-Enriched Natural Gas, Bridge to an Ultra-Low Carbon World,” the concept isn’t new. Due to its small carbon footprint compared to other fuels, natural gas is playing an important part in changing the environment for the better through reducing release of other pollutants besides carbon dioxide, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons.

By applying already-set-in-place infrastructure to lowering carbon dioxide emissions, HENG helps maintain high efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of Rinnai water and space heating appliances, which is a great step towards Creating a healthier way of living.

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