New 1st of Kind Solution Allows Consumers to Control Energy Consumption

Samsung SmartThings has releases SmartThings Energy, a new service within its app that allows consumers to take control of their energy consumption with monitoring, target-setting and notifications of their Samsung appliances and Samsung HVAC systems. By improving consumers’ household energy IQ, SmartThings Energy has the power to reduce monthly energy bills and contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency has become one of the most sought-after smart home features. SmartThings Energy, which supports Samsung home appliances and Samsung HVAC systems, delivers on this need by offering users a real-time view of actual energy consumption data, analysis and cost estimates, allowing homeowners to monitor their usage and control costs. SmartThings Energy is the latest addition to the family of SmartThings services, joining SmartThings Cooking and SmartThings Clothing Care, which debuted earlier this year.

Through the new SmartThings Energy service, users can easily switch between viewing all their devices together and viewing individual device consumption and cost estimates. In addition to the customizable homepage, users can:

  • Monitor the energy usage of home appliances. Users can check their electricity and water usage from a single device or aggregated usage from multiple compatible devices. They can also view their consumption data in comparison to target goals and see how much energy they are using compared to the previous month.
  • Discover consumption data. User-friendly charts allow users to understand how much energy each of their devices is consuming. In addition, users will receive energy-saving tips based on the devices that are connected. For example, do not overpack your fridge because air needs to circulate for efficient cooling.
  • Save energy through notifications that alert users when they are using too much energy at a given time. For instance, the interface sends alerts when a device is left on while users are away from the home and when they are using more energy than their monthly target.

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