A. O. Smith Introduces New Generation of Signature Series Water Heaters at Lowe’s

A. O. Smith recently unveiled the company’s new generation of Signature Series water heaters at Lowe’s, designed to give homeowners more control, peace of mind and energy savings. The launch includes a new residential line of smart electric water heaters for ultimate leak protection, along with a new tiered rating system to clearly showcase the varying levels of added features, benefits and energy efficiency for homeowners by model.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide and at Lowes.com, the new generation of A. O. Smith Signature Series water heaters are ranked into four graduated tiers – 100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series and 900 Series – to help homeowners easily select the best model and feature-rich benefits for their home’s unique needs. Each line starts with the 100 Series models, which offer the best value for dependable hot water, and graduates to offer more added features and homeowner benefits with each additional tier. At the top, the 900 Series models are the most efficient gas and electric water heaters offered by A. O. Smith.

The manufacturer is also introducing a new line of Signature Series smart residential electric water heaters with three new features that allow homeowners to manage their water heaters on their mobile devices and rest easier at night with maximum leak protection. Available now in Lowe’s stores and online, the new Signature Series line of electric water heaters are equipped with iCOMM smart technology to give the homeowner more control and alert notifications*.

For detection and prevention, LeakWatch uses iCOMM to send alerts directly to the A. O. Smith mobile app if a leak is detected by the water heater’s self-sensing technology, and Leak Shield automatically shuts off the water supply valve if a leak is detected.** Additionally, homeowners also have the control to manage their water heater remotely in the app, including monitoring schedules and energy usage, adjusting temperature levels and changing the operating mode, for total homeowner control. The A. O. Smith mobile app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Find the right Signature Series model for your hot water needs at https://www.aosmithatlowes.com/buyers-guide/.

*iCOMM and LeakWatch included with both 300 + 500 Series models.
**LeakShield included with the 500 Series; optional ad-on for the 300 Series.