Armstrong Fluid Technology Launches Single-Phase Pumps for Light-Duty Installations

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced a new version of its Design Envelope pump to serve light duty installations where the available power is single phase.

The new Design Envelope pumps are available for use with single-phase power (200-230V) from 1/3 to 2 horsepower and, for increased reliability, are built to a design standard carried over from commercial pumps. In addition, because the mechanical room piping for light-duty fluid-flow applications is often installed vertically, these new single-phase pumps can be installed and operated in vertical piping.

As with all Design Envelope pumps, the technology is built around a demand-based intelligent control solution that:

  • Models equipment and system behavior
  • Monitors actual system conditions
  • Dynamically adjusts equipment operation to match system demand
  • Is designed to provide the highest energy efficiency and lowest installed and operating costs

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