eNews – Spring 2018
Choose the Balometer EBT731 to Drive Efficiency and Performance
The TSI Alnor EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument used for taking accurate direct air volume measurements at diffusers and grilles. Its detachable micromanometer can be used with an array of optional probes for increased flexibility in multiple measurement applications. It is compatible with LogDat Mobile Software for Android devices, and a capture hood stand to increase productivity, efficiency and safety while on the job.
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Lead-Free Drinking Water Solutions from Tomlinson Industries
Tomlinson’s lead-free products are the solution to high lead levels in the drinking water of schools and other facilities. Tomlinson’s Pro-Flo™ water dispensing products feature a fully lead-free brass or stainless steel construction. These products retrofit most drinking water equipment and include bubblers, projector heads, self-contained cartridges, fountain glass fillers and point-of-use faucets.
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Advanced Press Fittings for Larger Pipes
Viega MegaPress XL is the only press fitting system for 2 ½- to 4-
inch diameter carbon steel pipe. Installed using the Viega
MegaPress XL PressBooster, the system is suitable for use with
Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe and approved for
more applications than any other carbon steel press fitting system.
On average, MegaPress XL makes connections in 25 seconds and
saves up to 60
in installation costs.
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Space-Constrained Installations Get a Boost With New, Slim Goodman Furnace
Reducing size but not performance, Goodman Manufacturing has launched a new slimmed-down gas furnace perfect for space-constrained installations. While 14 inches wide, the GMEC96 model furnace still provides high-efficiency heating with 96+ percent AFUE ratings. The furnaces also feature an energy-efficient, multi-speed ECM blower motor; a quiet two-speed induced draft blower; self-diagnostic control board and continuous fan speed options for quiet air circulation.
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Dramatically Reduce Water Consumption with Hybrid Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooler
Dramatically reduce water consumption with Evapco’s eco-ATWB-H, a hybrid closed-circuit evaporative cooler. Thanks to cutting-edge finned coil technology and sophisticated SAGE control system, the eco-hybrid is the ultimate solution for both HVAC and large tonnage industrial process installations seeking the highest dry bulb switchover temperatures, reduced water usage, high peak-load output and plume abatement. Ranging in capacity from 1,046 to 20,076 MBH, the cooler is independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute.
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Parallel Sensorless Controller Maximizes Efficiency in Up to 8 Pumps
Xylem Inc.’s Bell & Gossett brand is introducing its Parallel Sensorless Controller, a device that provides advanced system staging of up to eight pumps in parallel configuration to maximize system efficiency — an offering with a large 5.7-inch touch screen that displays real-time feedback and enables energy modeling. It meets ASHRAE 90.1 system efficiency requirements and features advanced system staging with B&G’s expansive Efficiency Island operating range.
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Falcon Stainless Expansion Tanks Offer Peace-of-Mind Reliability, Durable Construction
The new Falcon Stainless E.T. potable water expansion tanks are designed to maintain safe pressure in domestic water systems that utilize a backflow preventer or check valve. The tanks feature a 100 percent butyl diaphragm and plastic liner to separate the system water from the tank’s air precharge. The system connection has a stainless steel sleeve to prevent corrosion. The tanks are finished with appliance-quality paint, which helps prevent external carrion. Every tank is backed by Falcon’s 5-year limited warranty. 
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Fire Tube Boiler Series from Navien Features Advanced Controls, Intuitive Interface
Navien’s new Fire Tube Boiler line is designed for residential and light commercial applications. Four models, 175,000, 199,000, 299,000 and 399,000 Btu/hr, each offer a new patented heat exchanger design, ease of installation and service, intuitive interface, advanced controls and simplified integration with IoT. The 10:1 turndown ratio, 95 percent AFUE, flexibility of venting and remote access via mobile applications are just a few exciting features that will benefit both the contractors and the homeowners.
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Piping Systems Deliver Durability, Excellent Flow Rates for Heating and Cooling Applications
Aquatherm polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems deliver the best of metal and plastic systems for heating and cooling applications. Available with an optional multi-layer, faser-composite that reduces thermal expansion, Aquatherm Blue Pipe can handle 180 F water at 100 psi, yet doesn’t rust, corrode or leach. Available in ½ through 24 inch diameter and connected by labor-saving heat fusion, Aquatherm comes with a 10-year warranty, offers a natural R-value and excellent flow rates.
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Chase Brass Alloys Engineered for Green
In 2006, California started a movement to remove lead from all faucets and plumbing fittings. Since then, Chase Brass licensed the right to offer the eco-friendly, lead-free brass rod C69300 (Green Dot Eco Brass Rod) and C87850 ingots for foundries in North America. Chase Brass alloys offer dezincification, stress-corrosion resistance and high strength equivalent to stainless steel. Potential uses include drinking water applications, forgings or castings for ball valves, forging for shower valves and more
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