HVAC/P Summer Product eNews

Summer 2017 eNews
AirPro® Solutions – Making Complex Data Smartphone Simple
Utilizing everyday smart devices, the next level of performance for ventilation test instruments has arrived. TSI’s new AirPro® Solutions platform is comprised of mobile application software, wireless instrumentation, a device manager website portal and flexible service offerings. Optimize your productivity with unmatched accuracy, workflows and seamless data logging –
all with the AirPro Mobile App.  More info
Viega ProPress Hydronic Ball Valves
The new line of Viega ProPress Hydronic Ball Valve press x hose thread for copper systems are full port and designed for non-potable water applications. The ball valves are available in 1/2- and 3/4-inch press sizes and 3/4-inch hose sizes. The ball valve features NH threads and an EPDM sealing element. The hydronic ball valves are another example of Viega’s ability to consistently expand its product offerings to meet demands of new markets and applications. More info
Raypak Unveils Ultra-High Efficiency Boiler
Raypak’s new XPakFT has a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger design, which allows for a broader range of flow rates, requiring reduced pump energy for maximum operating efficiencies. The heat exchanger is ASME certified and National Board registered. This new boiler meets or exceeds Energy Star requirements because of its 95 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, infinitely modulating condensing design with up to 10:1 turndown and extremely low NOx emissions. More info
Uponor Re-Engineers Residential Valves
Uponor recently launched its re-engineered ProPEX lead-free brass valves for residential plumbing applications. The valves offer the same amount of flow with a more compact design for greater installation efficiencies and higher performance. They meet building codes IPC, UPC and IRC, as well as being listed to NSF 14, NSF 61, NSF 359 and NSF 372 for confidence in a product that is code-compliant and listed for all plumbing installations. In addition, the valves are backed by an extended 10-year warranty.  More info
 Goodman Launches Emerson Copeland Scroll Next-Gen Compressor in 16, 18 SEER Units
Goodman Manufacturing is the first HVAC manufacturer to launch Emerson’s new Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor that’s designed to provide budget-minded homeowners high-energy efficiencies with enhanced indoor comfort at an affordable, mid-tier price. The technology modulates between two stages of capacity, either 65 percent or 100 percent. Two internal bypass ports enable the compressor to run at part-load capacity when outdoor temperatures require only part-load cooling. More info
Indoor Unit Features Occupancy – Detection 
The Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division introduces the CITY MULTI ceiling cassette indoor unit, featuring the new 3D i-see Sensor. The sensor is a small, yet powerful component mounted to the exterior panel of the ceiling cassette. The sensor continuously analyzes the thermal profile of a room, identifying cool and warm spots. The indoor unit is available in capacities ranging from 8,000 Btu/hr to 48,000 Btu/hr. More info
Navien Boiler Features Industry-Leading Efficiency
The Navien Condensing Gas Heating Boiler is available in 4 sizes: NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB 110 and NHB-150 with turndown ratios respectively of 7:1, 10:1, 11:1 and 15:1. With a 95 percent AFUE rating, the NHBs carry Energy Star’s Most Efficient designation. Ideal for residential and light commercial use, the boiler series allows the installer an opportunity to achieve a true high-efficiency installation with industry-leading options and features in the boiler operation parameters. More info
Falcon Stainless Unveils Ball Valve, Non-Braided Toilet Connector
Falcon Stainless has unveiled two new connectors. The ¾-inch model features a ¾-inch Quick Fitting Push on Ball Valve on a Falcon CSS Water Flex Connector. Unlike many products on the market with plastic or rubber hoses that fail, the connector features a chromed brass nut; it is low-lead certified. In addition, Falcon Stainless has released the only non-braided Toilet Connector. It is made of solid corrugated stainless steel with chromed brass nut and ballcock; it is low-lead certified. More info
Aquatherm Piping Contributes to LEED Credits
The only piping systems in North America that directly contribute to LEED v4 credits, Aquatherm Blue Pipe (HVAC and industrial) and Aquatherm Green Pipe (potable water) deliver the best of metal and plastic systems. Aquatherm polypropylene-random pipe doesn’t rust, corrode or leach, and is connected by labor-saving heat fusion. It also features an industry-leading warranty, a natural R-value, excellent flow rates and stable, competitive material costs. More info
Weil-McLain AquaBalance High-Efficiency Combi-Boiler
Weil-McLain has introduced the new AquaBalance combination boiler featuring hydronic technology for smaller space residential applications. The unit combines the warmth of high-efficiency space heating and the convenience of on-demand domestic hot water in a reliable, space-saving, easy-to-install package. Featuring 94.4 percent AFUE energy efficiency and the latest stainless steel, titanium-infused heat exchanger technology, the boiler is Energy Star rated to deliver maximum operational cost savings.
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Chilled Beam Design Features Controllable Airflow Directionality, Velocities
SEMCO LLC introduces the LYRA II, an active chilled beam cassette. The LYRA II is an ultra-quiet, cooling/heating chilled beam capable of precise airflow patterns and velocities for smaller spaces under 300 square feet. The easily installed, all-in-one mounting cassette is designed to fit 2-foot by 2-foot ceiling grids. Unlike conventional chilled beams, it features personalized air comfort with digital field-adjustment capability of one-, two-, three- or four-way air directionality to accommodate any room shape or configuration.
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Optimizing Efficiency with Vari-Green Energy-Control Products
With Greenheck’s line of Vari-Green energy-control products, no field installation or startup is required, saving contractors’ time. The product line optimizes energy savings and efficiency of ventilation systems in a variety of applications. Internally mounted within the fan housing, the Vari-Green Drive virtually eliminates voltage spikes that can contribute to motor performance issues and motor failure.
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